The schedule for the posters will be given in the conference program.

Big saloon

Arnholt Alan, Sanqui Joel
Ideas for Introducing Power in the Service Statistics Course

Bazzoli Caroline, Retout Sylvie, Comets Emanuelle, Le Nagard Hervé
Population designs evaluation and optimization in R: the PFIM function

Bem Justin
Variance estimation in second cameroonian households survey

Borcz Marcelina, Bala Piotr
Integration of R environment with the Grid

Chu Mei-Chen, Sheu Ching-Fan
Fitting Multidimensional IRT Models with R

Comets Emmanuelle, Mentré France
Evaluation of nonlinear mixed effect models using prediction distribution errors: the npde library for R

De Smedt Sebastiaan, Alaerts Katrijn, Potters Geert, Samson Roeland
Mixed-effects modeling with the lme4 package: a modern tool for the analysis of plant morphological data in R

Henning Elisa, Alves Custodio, Samohyl Robert
Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control with R

Hocking Toby Dylan
Sublogo dendrograms: visualizing correlation in biological sequence motifs

Ibáñez Maria Victoria, Prades Miriam, Simó Amelia
Modeling recovery rates of municipal waste using generalized linear models and beta regression

Lalanne Christophe, Duracinsky Martin, Vaivre-Douret Laurence, Chassany Olivier
Psychometrics in R: Rasch Model and beyond

Larson Jennifer
Institutional Change on a Network

Room R3

Lee Yen
Package for Deciding the Number of Factors in Exploratory Factor Analysis

Mariann Borsos, István Jánosi
Power Analysis for Multivariate Generalised Linear Model

Mi Xuefei, Utz Friedrich Utz
R-package MultiSelection: Optimizing Multi-stage Selection Gain and Controling the Variance

Nunes Mafra Ana Carolina Cintra, Cordeiro Ricardo, Stephan Celso
Spatial odds ratio of disease in epidemiological studies with ordinal responses: a methodology using package VGAM.

Oliveira Teresa, Oliveira Amlcar
Upper Contour Method of a Joint Regression Analysis using R

Ormsby Christopher E., Avila-Rios Santiago, Reyes-Teran Gustavo
Methods and classes for creating in silico evolved genetic sequences of HIV.

Pelé Julien, Chabbert Marie
Dimensional reduction and clustering of class A G-protein-coupled receptors

Qeli Ermir, Panse Christian, Ahrens Christian
Visualization of Proteomics Data Integrated with KEGG Metabolic Data Using R and Bioconductor

Stephan Celso, Nucci Luciana, Mafra Ana Carolina, Cordeiro Ricardo
A Spatial Multinomial Case-Control Modeling Package

Vautier Bertrand
What useR! deals with : a text mining over the ages

Zeleny David, Tichy Lubomir
Linking R and JUICE: software tool for analysis and visualization of vegetation data