On site registration starts on August 11, 8:30.

Cancellation policy

Until the regular registration deadline (May 31, 2008), we refund 80%. After that, no refund is possible!

Student fee

The reduced student fee strictly applies for persons under 27 years of age. A copy of a valid student ID card or (for PhD students) a letter from the supervisor will be required for registration.


On site registration requires valid VISA card, Mastercard or cash payment.

Online Registration closed!



Student (under 27y)

Conference fee

    early (before March 31, 2008):
    regular (before May 31, 2008):
    late (before July 25, 2008):

    On-site (subject to availability!):

180 EUR
200 EUR
220 EUR

270 EUR

360 EUR
400 EUR
440 EUR

490 EUR

  90 EUR
100 EUR
110 EUR

160 EUR

Number of dinner tickets (August 13, 2008)
(60 EUR each)

Member of R Foundation?
(reduction of EUR 20, including employees of institutional members)

YES      NO

Tutorials (August 11, 2008)

Fee (for each tutorial):

Academic: 50 EUR
Non-Academic: 100 EUR
Student: 25 EUR

Morning Session


Douglas Bates: Mixed Effects Models
(fully booked)

Julie Josse, François Husson, Sébastien Lê: Exploratory Data Analysis

Martin Mächler, Elvezio Ronchetti: Introduction to Robust Statistics with R
(fully booked)

Jim Porzak: Using R for Customer Segmentation

Stefan Rüping, Michael Mock, and Dennis Wegener: Distributed Data Analysis using R

Jing Hua Zhao: Analysis of Complex Traits using R: Case studies

Afternoon Session


Karim Chine: Distributed R and Bioconductor for the Web

Dirk Eddelbuettel: An Introduction to High-Performance R
(fully booked)

Andrea S. Foulkes: Analysis of Complex Traits using R: Statistical Applications

Virgilio Gómez-Rubio: Small Area Estimation with R

Frank E. Harrell jr.: Regression Modelling Strategies
(fully booked)

Sébastien Lê, Julie Josse, François Husson: Multiway Data Analysis

Bernhard Pfaff: Analysis of Integrated and Co-integrated Time Series

Your individual conference fee (that is, the sum appearing on your invoice) is totaled from the subfees for conference, dinner tickets, and tutorials.